Who! Not How? 10x Your Results as an Artist or Writer

There’s a fantastic concept known as “Who Not How” (made famous by entrepreneur coach, Dan Sullivan). Let me show you a quick example of how to use this mindset piece. Let’s say you’re a musician looking to exponentiate your career – either as a hit songwriter or releasing your own artist project. It’s possible – you might have been stuck in the “HOW” mode…

How To Create & Manifest Your Hit Songwriting Future

Are you tired of being frustrated as an artist or a professional songwriter? You know, putting in that day to day grind and not seeing the results you’re looking for? Well, let me ask you an important question. In fact, for all of us, this could be the question of the year. Why show up as yourself, or even writing session #200 of the year as “basically” the same person as yesterday

Do Drug Trends Predict Future Music Trends? A 100 Year Analysis.

From the champagne magnums of the Roaring ’20s to the joints and tabs of the ’60s, to the excess filled cocaine 80s and heroin 90s, these are some of the most popular drug trends which co-existed and/or spawned musical movements of the last 100 years. Which came first? The music or the drugs? Can we predict the future of music trends through a certain prevalence of drug use and/or choice?

Ending “Writing Session Culture” aka Consistent Co-Writes = More Hits!

The path to hit songwriting success and having multiple hits per year is basically writing with as many writers, writer combos and artist configurations as humanly possible, right? We need a jam-packed schedule and even some “back to backs” where we can make certain that every session results in a finished song in a day – of course! Hmm … well, let’s take a moment on that presumption

Forget Skills! Your Path to Success = Mindset, Belief and Identity with Nick Cownie

What’s the most important thing you should be focusing on – when it comes to your career? Hmm – you might be shocked and surprised after reading this post. “That’s riiiighhtt,” as Milton Erickson once frequently said (note – that’s some foreshadowing coming). So, yeah, I’ll go out on a limb that this post might be one of the most important

Using Call and Response in Your Songs (History, Examples & Today’s Hits)

There’s a deep, ancient history of songwriting … from the hits on today’s charts, to war chants, spirituals, gospel, blues and ______ (insert historical music genre or a form of communication here). And thus – I welcome you to today’s post – highlighting and exploring the lost songwriting art of “call and response.” I say it’s a lost art, as so few people are really aware of the art form

Musician’s Guide to Promoting Your Music on Reddit Pt. 2

The music industry is in a weird state. Musicians and other creatives involved in and around the music industry are more empowered than any other point in history. Even the most humble smartphone is infinitely more powerful than the gear Bob Marley or The Beatles used to make their earth-shattering albums. A little bit of time and energy

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