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Insider Secrets to Songwriting,
Music Publishing, Mindset and
Artistic Marketing.
Insider Secrets to Songwriting, Music Publishing,
Mindset and Artistic Marketing.

Insider Secrets to Songwriting, Music Publishing, Mindset and Artistic Marketing

Do drug trends predict future music trends? A 100 year analysis
From the champagne magnums of the Roaring '20s to the joints and tabs of the '60s, to the excess filled cocaine 80s and heroin 90s, these are some of the most popular drug trends which co-existed and/or spawned musical movements of the last 100 years. Which came first? The music or the drugs? Can we predict the future of music trends through a certain prevalence of drug use and/or choice? ... CONTINUE READING

Why your pitch songs aren't getting recorded
Over the last few years, and now much more-so on a weekly and daily basis, I continually hear from other publishers and other professional songwriters that “we need an artist in the room” and that the “pitch game” is dead. It’s over. Finito. “It’s over, Johnny … it’s over!” ... CONTINUE READING

Here Lies Writing Session Culture
The path to hit songwriting success and having multiple hits per year is basically writing with as many writers, writer combos and artist configurations as humanly possible, right? We need a jam-packed schedule and even some “back to backs” where we can make certain that every session results in a finished song in a day – of course! Hmm … well, let’s take a moment on that presumption ... CONTINUE READING

Sales Techniques and Concepts for Songwriters & Artists
Let’s see - how can I tell you this easily? Well - I hate to break the news to you. Are you sitting down? Because, as far as career choices, I know you really tried to avoid being, for example, a telemarketer or that greeter at your favorite clothing store who comes up and asks, “Hi, may I help you with anything?” ... CONTINUE READING

The Annihilation Song & Inner Workings of Major Labels aka “Who Gets the Million Dollar Radio Campaign?”
First of all I have to credit this blog post to one of my publishing mentors, Steve Lindsey (one of the only o.g. Publishers, who I really respect as far as identifying and developing new talent). I asked Steve … “How can I impress upon the writers and artists on my roster - just what it takes and where the bar is, and how important ... CONTINUE READING

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Fortunately, my favorite writers and artists are those I've been able to sign and work with over the years.
Ryan Tedder
The Lumineers
Big Freedia
Kelly Clarkson
Greg Kurstin

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