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Insider Secrets to Songwriting,
Music Publishing, Mindset and
Artistic Marketing.
Insider Secrets to Songwriting, Music Publishing,
Mindset and Artistic Marketing.
Insider Secrets to Songwriting, Music Publishing, Mindset and Artistic Marketing.

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News Flash! If you only have people “generally liking” what you’re doing - and no one leaving any derogatory “you suck” type of comments online … You’re probably doing it wrong. OK. Ummm. What? I learned this little concept (that at least I believe in) from music analyst and the most powerful music blogger and overall music and cultural commentator on the planet, Bob Lefsetz. Check out and subscribe to Bob’s essential blog here. I know what you’re thinking.... CONTINUE READING

We are living in a Golden Age of technological tools to unleash creativity. A $200 laptop with free software is more powerful, and often better sounding, say than a $10,000 studio 20 years ago. An off-brand smartphone is 1000x times more powerful than the studios The Beatles were using to record their classic albums. The downside of this, of course, is wading through all of that technology to find the worthwhile best songwriting tools. There’s just so much available to writers and producers... CONTINUE READING

There’s absolutely no doubt digital music distribution services have been a blessing for independent artists. Remember (if you can?) back in the day when you actually needed a Record Label to manufacture your physical CD or Vinyl (or God forbid, a cassette) … and then actually ship them to brick and mortar stores? Yeah, and don’t forget - back then, you also needed a label to help provide a budget and funding, so you could actually record and produce your music in the first place!.... CONTINUE READING

So, you’re ready to become an incredible music artist success, yah? Great. I applaud you in your journey! But one thing. Well, actually - 5 things (forthcoming). A lot of times, artists, songwriters, etc. ask me “What are you looking for?” or “What’s going to be the next big thing?” The answer for me - is the same every time. The next big thing (at least for me) will always be a hit song. What I’m looking for in an artist - will always be the “5 Pillars of Success” (which actually used to only be “3 Pillars” but in the last 10 years I’ve added 2 more vital ones).... CONTINUE READING

As a publisher, I really feel so fortunate and grateful to be working with some of the greatest writers on the planet, consistently delivering great pieces of work and amazing songs. While usually most of the songs that come in (within the realm of our roster of professional songwriters writing for other artists) are songs we’re immediately setting out to pitch and secure placements, it would of course, be impossible for every song to be a hit. And when this happens, especially with new writers... CONTINUE READING

This post is both one that’s near and dear to my heart and a topic I just never hear anyone talking about. It’s just so hugely important and yet equally baffling that I don’t see more people incorporating the following into their daily routine. And it’s simply this - increasing your songwriting vocabulary. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter what level of songwriter you are, a novice or the Grammy-winning songwriter of the year, it’s supremely vital to keep learning and keep expanding your musicality... CONTINUE READING

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Fortunately, my favorite writers and artists are those I've been able to sign and work with over the years.
Ryan Tedder
The Lumineers
Ariel Pink
Kelly Clarkson
Greg Kurstin

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