#1 Hit Making Secret: Melodic Rhythm!

Let me guess? You’ve been looking far and wide for that “hit songwriting” special sauce, that unique magical hit equation, or I don’t know, a special amulet you can wear around your neck – and that – simply by chanting a magic spell, you can have the power of hit songwriting. Well, good news. Step aside, Gandalf. You’ve found it.

2nd Melodies aka The Riff (The Missing Hit Song Ingredient)

Ahh, the “2nd Melody” aka the vitally important yet usually overlooked magical hit factor of “The Riff.” If you’re not already switched on to this idea, I really think this could be a huge insight for you. Now, not everything can be filtered down into a hit songwriting formula, but if there ever was a cornerstone of hitmaking – this is a core piece. And I remember how I came upon

10X is Easier than 2X – Lessons from Dan Sullivan and MrBeast

Have you ever felt stuck in your songwriting journey, wondering how to make significant progress and achieve remarkable 10X results? If so, I have a game-changing insight to share with you. I’m reading the new Dan Sullivan and Benjamin Hardy book, “10X Is Easier Than 2X,” and it’s shifted my mindset significantly. But first, here’s a quick background on Dan Sullivan….

What You Listen To = How Well You Write

Environment. Environment! Environment!! That’s right, today we’re diving into your “environment” and how environment directly affects your success. In this case we’re specifically going with the premise that “What You Listen To = How Well You Write.” Have you ever heard the saying “you rise (or sink) to the level of your environment”?

Top 5 AI Lyric Writing Generators of 2023

As is the case with everything in 2023, AI is shaking up the world of lyric writing. In fact, we might be within the last generation of songwriters / artists who “don’t” use AI to assist in writing songs. We’ve pulled together 5 of the best lyrics AIs to let you try them out for yourself and see which works best for you and your creative process.

The 5 Best AI Music Generators of 2023

AI music generators create original songs and compositions from nothing, with a simple prompt or a click of a button. AI music generators can be intensely useful for songwriters, simply to give you some ideas or a template to work off of. They can also help you to overcome writer’s block or when you’re feeling devoid of inspiration. Sometimes, even a simple bassline or drum pattern is enough to get you going.

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