How To Create & Manifest Your Hit Songwriting Future

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aka How to Build Your Present from an Unpredictable Future vs Copy & Pasting Your Familiar Past

Are you tired of being frustrated as an artist or a professional songwriter? You know, putting in that day to day grind (which seems endless) and not seeing the results you’re looking for?

Well, let me ask you an important question. In fact, for all of us, this could be the question of the year.

Why show up as yourself, or even writing session #200 of the year as “basically” the same person, as you did yesterday or 6 months ago or a year ago? That’s right – why can’t you show up as the 10X hit maker version of yourself – today?

With that preface – this article is all about showing up for yourself and your growth and your exponential potentials.

Otherwise – those big dreams you have? You’re (probably) just kidding yourself.

Now there’s a few ways I recommend doing this. One is through skill growth.

Skills = Songwriting Vocabulary, Modeling Great Songs, Learning New Instruments, etc.

And yah, that’s obvious. But what isn’t obvious are things like expanding your songwriting vocabulary (so you just don’t recycle your own stuff and can harness greatness), installing new empowering beliefs about yourself and finding the right “coach.”

This article is going to attack all of that and illuminate how to show up as the 10X songwriter who you are – eventually in the future – but today.

Wow. So, buckle up, buttercup, we’re going to take a ride.

The real growth as a songwriter and artist is the work you do between your writing sessions - Benjamin Groff

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First, we have to unpack two vital concepts here: abundance and scarcity, to ultimately reveal the epiphanic genesis of this article.

So, let’s start with abundance and manifesting the 10x version of yourself right now.

Imagine, if you will, the last 3 months of your work and your routine. Now imagine “copy pasting” that 4 times into your future timeline.

With most writers and artists – based on the above, I can fairly accurately predict the results of your next – future year. That’s right. And what do you think it’s going to look like? Well, it’s just going to be very similar to the results of your last year. Or maybe fractionally better. Maybe you’ll get lucky with a hit or that breakout moment.

Chart showing last 3 months (routine) generating known and predictable one year result

As you can see in the above example – at times, your results aren’t even keeping up with your level of effort! And I think we all know what that feels like.

Instead – let’s tap into the realm of unlimited potential and possibilities.

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This is what your future 3 months from now COULD look like. That’s right. Let’s start getting uncomfortable and working in the realm of the “unknown.”

Imagine right now – and for the next 3 months, committing to doing something completely different, taking risks, taking massive action, trying experiments – and most importantly tapping into the future version of yourself that exists somewhere in the universe (or the quantum realm – stay with me here!), where you are already that hit songwriter literally with 10 #1s.

Now – I want you to take this potential 3 month future reality – all those things you can think about – what a hit songwriter or artist of greatness WOULD be doing, how you’d be pushing your boundaries, crushing any limiting beliefs, and what you would be doing differently.

Yes, manifest that! Now copy/paste those breakthrough future things you would be doing, turn up the volume of that! And add another 50%-100% energy and outside the box thinking, creativity and art! Whatever else you can think of, now – copy / paste that future 3-4x into your present timeline.

Chart showing present reality, future possibility, and unpredicable 10x result

What does that look like? M*F*CKING BINGO! That’s the future version of yourself that you want – and I want this for you too!

This is you pulling YOU towards you!

Whoa! Yes, it’s an unknown (and ideally amazing) destiny that could be a 10X outcome for you.

This is say – doing something very exciting and different in this space vs something familiar and predictable.

For myself – a lot of this is also done through the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, who’s books, courses and the in person work I’ve done with Dr. Joe, I couldn’t recommend more strongly.

If you can do this work and practice consistently – I can guarantee as much as I can – that you’ll have an incredible outcome, where the future is not predetermined. In fact – it’s an unknown future of incredibleness.

Also (this is important) – this is also going to be a hella lot more fun (aka not boring and not a grind). Unless you think “the grind” is fun times. (And sub note – a lot of people are secretly addicted to the chemicals of “the grind!” Yes, many people are addicted to being in a struggle! But that’s for another post – but worth examining.)

So how do we do this work?

Dr. Joe Dispenza – Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

Over the last year – the work I’ve done directly with Dr. Joe in what he calls the “quantum realm” (…OK, we’re about to go woo-woo so please, remain seated, fasten your seat belt and stay with me here!) has really put my own game to another level.

Essentially, this is a practice of becoming “no one,” “no body,” “no thing” to envision and tap into the most ideal version of yourself – that exists right now – somewhere in the universe, metaverse or quantum realm.

If you believe in quantum physics this is the realm of infinite possibilities. Based on the laws of quantum mechanics (prove me wrong) – this is real shit.

This is your success, your potential, who you are, what you stand for, your next level of creativity and the best version of yourself (new beliefs, identity, mindset) that exists somewhere “out there” and bringing that into the precious present moment.

Yes, if you can envision it – it can be a future possibility! More than that – that possibility literally exists right now.

This also absolutely includes “letting go” of that old version of yourself with the old programming not servicing you – yeah, it’s about not pulling and carrying all tha 2,000 lb bag of shit along with you, along with all that negative self-talk and leaving that behind.

Imagine how that would feel?!

Image of me kicking my old programming no longer suiting me off a cliff

This is also 100% about changing your “wifi” signal which you’re broadcasting and tapping into that future version of yourself. Yes, bringing that reality into the present. Let me fine tune what I’m talking about here.

Imagine walking into that next session, or turning on your DAW and literally showing up as the songwriter or artist who’s already won 5 Grammys. Today.

What would that belief, identity and mindset change about how you approach your work and life?

Conversely, you could continue to broadcast the wifi signal and self-talk such as “I must suck as a writer, I’m never going to get a hit, this is too hard, how am I going to compete with “Max Martin,” etc…and see where that gets you.” HINT: This is most people.)

You must stop doing what you have always done to get to where you have not been - Dr. Joe Dispenza

This whole idea and how this can apply to music artists and songwriters came to me during an in person Dr. Joe Dispenza lecture. He was talking about creating from “energy” instead of creating from “matter.”

Hmm – what does that mean?

And then it struck me. Most people create in the world of “matter,” which is the grind, hustle, going from session to session, writing song after song, more grind, more hustle, etc. (which, of course, we all should be doing!).

You can also create from the field of “energy.”

Huh? What is that? By that I mean doing the deep work inside of you.

Yes, the inner work. in your mind, in the realm of infinite possibilities – and doing the work and believing those manifestations to be true. (Stay tuned as I’ll unlock, in my opinion, how to do this by the end of the post). This also includes anything from reframing negative self talk and beliefs to yes, even the “t” word – therapy.

As mentioned earlier – imagine trying to win a 100 yard dash, but you’re forced to carry a 100 lb weight with you – and sometimes – this is actually by choice! (This often is also unconscious programming).

On that note, I’ve exemplified this in the below diagram. This is the idea of “you” working towards your goal and your timeline. The image here is exemplified by you working in “matter” (aka grind and hustle and the material world).

If you put in all that grind and hustle – yeah, you should hopefully be able to get to that goal – eventually! But could you take that 10 year goal HUGE career goal – and instead do it in 5 years. Or a 1 Year goal and accomplish it in 6 months.

10x Yourself In The Field

Notice that in our example – 10 years is a lot of time to get to your goal – that is, only working in the world of matter.

But what if you could work at these goals from the “opposite” direction?

What the HELL, you say? Wait – what opposite direction are you talking about here, BG?

Well, simply imagine shortening your timeline and your goals – literally cutting this in half. If you could get to this goal in ½ the time by also approaching this goal from a different direction!

Yes – I’ll say it again. Tackling your goals from two different directions and shortcutting the time in half! Whoa! (Reference the above diagram, please).

While one part of you is working in the material world – on the grind and hustle and writing songs, think of the other part of you, working towards your goals in the realm and field of “energy.” This is essentially tackling your goal by “doing the work” on your identity, beliefs and mindset.

I’ll also throw the word “quantum manifesting” into that list as well.

Now – I will say the following. After guiding artists and writers for 30 years now, I absolutely believe this to be true, as I’ve seen so many hit makers who already have these beliefs and identity – along with the talent, have massive hits and careers show up.

And their career goes through the stratosphere.

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Conversely, I’ve also seen the opposite – someone who has massive talent – like literally the most talented people I’ve ever met – but they have terrible beliefs and an identity which does not serve them. This is often when internal programming is running entirely against their goals and objectives.

Sadly, in many cases this also includes not having enough self worth to actually receive that success or worse – an active process of sabotaging that success.

So what am I getting at here? You can “take the long way home” to quote Supertramp, or you can super shortcut your journey – perhaps even in half.

On that note, I’ve made an entire masterclass course on this called the Hit Songwriter Accelerator. It’s here where 1/3rd of the course is dedicated to your identities, beliefs and mindset. I couldn’t suggest this course more to hopefully get you instantly on the fast track – the other part of the course is all about advanced hit songwriting skills, exercises, unpacking all the stuff I’ve learned on my own personal journey, signing or working with over 100 hitmakers.

Hit Songwriter Accelerator Course

So, if you feel stuck, or that you’re just rehashing the same predictable destiny and thus, manifesting that predictable destiny every day – this is one way to take a leap to the next level – right now.

So, we’ve now talked about the realm of abundance (there’s an infinite amount of abundance in the quantum realm). In the next post, we’re going to explore the opposite side: scarcity. And how the scarcity mindset of a “lame-o” manager made me realize the importance and necessity for hit songwriters to “do the work” in between writing sessions. Yes, this is where the real growth and work happens.

This is versus just showing up to session after session as pretty much the “same” person again and again, which is what most people do.

Yes, doing THE WORK in between your “game day” or writing sessions! But you’re going to have to go to another post for me to unpack that gem of an article and mindset piece for you!

In the meantime – let’s wrap up and button up our discussion here on manifesting and bring that 10X hit songwriter version of yourself into reality – today.

How to Manifest Your Hit Songwriter Self Today aka How to Do the Work

So – here are some ideas and maybe even a curriculum on how to 10X yourself. No doubt, this is a path where you get to choose your own adventure. Essentially, this is “how to do the work” in my opinion and show up to your next songwriting session as the 10X version of yourself today in the present precious moment.

1) Get in a growth mindset! A growth mindset is really about creating and activating your curriculum. I mean – remember when you were in school or were learning your instrument for the first time? Or how to write songs even! On the other hand, maybe you were in a cover band and you had to learn all those songs for those wedding gigs? Jeez! Whatever it is – yeah, you had a curriculum. You had a course load.

But for most people – they think when they’re done with that mandated education – that they’ve graduated! Woo hoo! No more homework! Now it’s just showing up to “game day” all the time. Oh no no no NO! –

Remember the “real” work is done on your “non game day” (aka your writing session) so on the right “game day,” you show up as your 10X self. I explain more about “game day” and “practice” as an athletic analogy in this article.

In short, it’s ridiculous (to me) that creative people go from session to session (their “game day”) essentially as the same person (i.e. no real practicing, no coaching, no growth, no work on the “inner self.” etc).

2) Building your curriculum. Yes, riffing on the above – you need to build a curriculum for yourself – be your own teacher, while also seeking out a coach and other mentors. Learn and study the greats who’ve come before you – what are their hit making secrets? I mean – literally – do you want a songwriting lesson with Prince or Max Martin or Drake or George Gershwin?

There’s a whole article on how to do it right here, which I wrote called the Songwriting Vocabulary Expander. You should be doing this on a daily basis. There’s also more details on this and in depth work on literally everything we talked about in my “Hit Songwriter Accelerator” course.

3) Seek out and find a great coach. This might be a music publisher, manager or A&R, who is going to be real with you and not a bullshitter, who knows what they’re talking about – and ideally have coached other hit makers before. This could also be someone who’s invested in your success and will be your champion.

Fortunately for you – these people in the songwriting space – will actually “payyou (i.e. providing a monetary advance) to work with them. Pretty amazing deal, I would say. On that note, you’re so lucky.

This is quite the opposite for entrepreneurs who seek out coaches or coaching programs. For example, an entrepreneur (I’ve readily done this by the way) may pay between $12,000 – $25,000 per year for the right guidance and coaching.

You might think that’s crazy expensive…but those entrepreneurs literally are getting, in many cases, a million dollars or more of a return on their investment. Great coaches are worth every penny. Seek yours out.

4) Explore the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza. I mentioned Dr. Joe before. Doing the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza – is what us “Dispenzians” also call “working in the “quantum field.” Yes – pulling the future version of your ideal self into the precious moment today! I’ve spent a whole week in person with Dr. Joe. Hard work – and I loved it.

Additionally, I put in my best efforts every day to do a wide assortment of Dr. Joe’s 30 minute or hour-long meditations every day.

Lastly, everyone on my roster has Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.” For myself, this is the most underlined and studied book I own.

Beyond this book I highly recommend the meditations you can find on Dr. Joe’s website – this is crucial. Or if you want to take some of the meditations for a test spin – there are many on YouTube. Hell, here’s one for you right now and one of my favorites (and yes, this is 35 min. long). Just stay with it…and trust the process.

Dr. Joe Dispenza – Discover Divine Bliss

Now, I know what you might be thinking – 35 minutes?! WTF…dude I do NOT have time for that! Well, that’s what I used to think.

Then, I realized that actually doing these meditations – was bringing me closer to my goals. It’s doing the “inner work” that no one else thinks is important. It’s approaching my goals from the other end of the spectrum!

I promise this will get you further in your career than you realize.

So please reframe that idea that “you don’t have time.” You are indeed working on your career when you are doing this inner work. It’s important and crucial to view it this way.

In doing so, as discussed – i really believe you’ll be shortcutting the time to your goals in half.

5) Work on Your Identity, Beliefs and Mindset. Riffing on #4 above, probably the most important thing you can do is to work on your own identity and beliefs. This is probably the scariest and hardest thing for most people. Pt 1 of this process is perhaps just admitting that you (most likely) have unresolved issues and trauma, even that you may not remember.

You see, part of what we do as humans, before the age of 10, is create “survival programs” which literally allow us to survive and get through the rough times of our lives. However, we often hold on to these “survival programs” as part of our identity and beliefs about ourselves.

Often they are no longer serving us in our adult life or are simply “stories we made up about ourselves” or a situation or circumstance that is no longer true – or maybe was never even true in the first place. This is doing the “deep work” within yourself.

This is also about working on your “limiting beliefs.” Again – some of which are just stories you made up that may or may not even be true.

Let me give you a low key example. “I’m just not a fast writer.”

That’s just a mild limited belief and an “identity” you made up for yourself.

Maybe another “limited belief” could be – “I can’t compete against that writer or producer – they already have 10 hits!” Or something like “Me? … having a hit on the charts this year?…pssshh, yeah right!” Things like that.

And for some (actually, most) people – a lot of this work might even be making sure that they are indeed worthy of receiving the success in the first place.” Wow.

Quite simply, working on and investing in yourself is where it’s at. This is as or more important than getting to Session # 121, if that makes sense. By. Fucking. Far! Why?

Because – at writing session #121, you’re still showing up as basically the same person – versus showing up as the future you. In other words, “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.”

You have to change your personality in order to create a new personal reality.

More Curriculum Ideas & The Learning

Lastly, For more on point #5 above, I’ve made immense progress with some of the following programs and work.

For those looking to explore this further, there’s a lot of immediate resources you can check out below.

Gratitude Training (now called simply “Gratitude”) – this course was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. The rewards are simply life changing. This training really opens up and unpacks information about the “programming” you may or may not realize is running your life. Gratitude Training is a system of recognizing your programs, keeping the good ones, uninstalling the bad ones – and literally installing new programming to serve your life to its fullest. It’s been described as 5 years of therapy in 5 days.

Tony Robbins – Basically, any Tony Robbins program is going to get you thinking differently and put you on a fast track to your success. Of course, the live events are not cheap at all. But here’s a little bonus to the article. There’s a Tony Robbins 30 day challenge called Personal Power II that, unless scrubbed, is usually on YouTube – it’s a great way to get started now.

Every few years I retake this course. You’ll also need a “success journal” which you’ll most definitely fill up. #MoleskinPower

(Note these are literally digitized “cassette tapes” from the 80s – so be prepared for a hella lot of 80s references, seriously bad “bumper and intro music and Tony requesting you to “turn the tape over, now.”)

The Holistic Psychologist – this is the resource website for Dr. Nicole Lepera, who’s book “Do The Work” is incredible.

7 Minute Mindset”, NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and the work of Nick Cownie. Nick is actually one of my coaches from time to time. I also received my NLP Practitioner Certificate from Nick. Nick has also been a guest speaker with my music publishing clients.

Nick’s book “7 Minute Mindset” you can get for free and is one of the Top 5 “epiphany” books in my collection. For more on Nick check out his website here: Nick Cownie

Start a Goal Setting Program. Here’s a famous line from the 1930s: “Give me a stock clerk with a goal, and I will give you a person who will make history. Give me a person without a goal, and I will give you a stock clerk.” That was a quote from JC Penney.

In short, we need a roadmap for your success – and literally – map your future success out.

Here are some questions you should be asking yourself. What has to happen within a year for you to make your goals. What has to happen each quarter, each week, each day? Otherwise, without a road map to your goals, the river of life will just take you on a haphazard journey.

You can check out the extensive article I have on making sure you’re on the right path, here. And I’d also recommend the Goal Setting program by Zig Ziglar – Zig is one of the original “goats” in the thought leader space.

Me - Doing What I've Always Done - Life Goals

Experience Life! Lastly, if you want to show up to songwriting session #42 as a different, well rounded, experienced and elevated person – it’s important to experience life! This includes exploring the world, having unique experiences, getting out of your comfort zone, exploring different cultures – and also from a musical perspective, doing the work of exploring what’s happening “under the radar,” the underground or the fringe.

For instance – can you go to an underground music festival or a rave? If you’re a professional songwriter, writing “dance hits” for the club – can you actually get yourself to the club at 3 A.M (Hellllooooo!) and really know what’s going on there!? So many writers I know are trying to write dance hits – but have never even been at peak hour in a room in Vegas, Miami or Ibiza! Yeah – you’re just guessing what “your version of the target is” vs being immersed IN THE TARGET!

Also, experiencing life certainly includes travel, getting your brain shaken up with different settings and cultures, falling in love, getting your heart broken, etc.

This way – you’re showing up as Janelle 2.0 or Lionel 3.2 or Jennifer 8.2. Let me phrase it another way.

You likely have an android or iPhone phone, right? You want to get the upgrade, right? Otherwise – your phone is stuck in 2018. That’s not so fun is it?

Who wants an iPhone 4S! That sounds totally ludicrous right?!! But you’d be surprised how many people (most people) are not willing to put in the work and effort to get the UPGRADE. They continue to show up as the same person.

Diagram showing Comfort Zone and Where Magic Happens


I promise you – if you can make a curriculum and put some of these ideas to use … you’re going to get the “upgrade” in life – and then consequently the upgrade In the realm of making hit after hit.

Sounds simple, right? : )

And when I say that – it’s not like I’m just saying “snaps fingers” – no problem. I’ll just show up as a different person – yah, the one where I have 5 hits on the charts. Easy, right? Of course not!

This is a lot of hard work I’ve just outlined.

And also, there’s no way I’m saying to do all of this right now. That would be impossible. What I am saying is to start trying this out and do it consistently – find out what works for you!

That being said – what we also want to do is to “be” that person – so the efforts that result from “being” that person, show up with a lot less grind and with a lot less time.

Some of the hardest work though, can be just getting started. Some of this is just getting out of your own way. For example, if you’re trying to push a car – it’s literally that first foot to get the car moving that’s really the hardest. Then, once you have momentum and seeing and feeling the progress…it becomes a lot easier.

Sometimes, it’s just taking an action – any type of action.

ACTION POINTS (Yeah, you actually need to do something now!)

So please, for God’s sake – just start! Yeah, let’s get this show started!

I’ll give you some easy ways to do this. For instance:

Can you click on one of those Joe Dispenza videos above and set aside some time and just watch it?

Can you create a songwriting vocabulary expander program around yourself? Who’s songs do you want to learn this month and capture their moves and model their greatness?!

Can you just go ALL IN and sign yourself up for a Tony Robbins program i.e. Date with Destiny? It might cost you $5,000 that you can put on a credit card – but you’ll get a $100,000 to a million dollars (this is very possible) return on investment.

HINT: you could also dive into my own course programs, like the Hit Songwriter Accelerator – which has 2 parts. Part 1 is all about advanced hit making. Part 2 is doing the work we just talked about and elevating yourself!

As another idea, can you create a growth curriculum – and stick to it. That’s right! Set up some 1 year and then 3-month goals for yourself and chunk it down to 1 month, weeks, etc…and what you’re going to want to accomplish.

Can you create some new habits – because habits are the butterfly wings to create the new you! (From James Clear’s “Atomic Habits,” which I highly recommend!)

One other thing. We don’t need to wait and start on January 1st either !!! Or – like on your birthday in 3 months. Start right now!!!

The time is now to put in the work! Get off the sidelines and on to the playing field and be the biggest hero you can be – to yourself and the world!

Stop playing small – or just playing and planning to fail small.

Let’s fucking go for it!

In winding down this epic post (yes, this really was an epic one), I hope to see you in the future, in the quantum realm – showing up as your future self – today.

This is where you’re living in a whole new world of reality, showing up as the 5x,10x version of yourself…vs just the same familiar and status quo and showing up at writing session #48 or #387, as pretty much the same person.

The above is where and how we win and how we do it.

Get your upgrade!

I hope this article is super insightful to every creative person and provides some answers on how to accelerate your path – to everything.

Lastly, if you found this post inspiring – please send it to another creative spirit. : )

They need it too.

This is how you do it.

This is how you do the work.

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Sharing and Selling Information

We do not share, sell, lend or lease any of the information that uniquely identify a subscriber (such as email addresses or personal details) with anyone except to the extent it is necessary to process transactions or provide Services that you have requested.

How Can You Access and Correct Your Information?

You may request access to all your personally identifiable information that we collect online and maintain in our database by using our contact page form.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to make amendments to this Privacy Policy at any time. If you have objections to the Privacy Policy, you should not access
or use this website. You may contact us at any time with regards to this privacy policy.