Insider Secrets to Songwriting, Music Publishing, Mindset and Artistic Marketing.
Insider Secrets to Songwriting, Music Publishing, Mindset and Artistic Marketing.

The Necessity of Haters (If No One is “Hating” On You … You’re Doing It Wrong)

The Necessity of Haters

News Flash! If you only have people “generally liking” what you’re doing - and no one leaving any derogatory “you suck” type of comments online … You’re probably doing it wrong. OK. Ummm. What? I learned this little concept (that at least I believe in) from music analyst and the most powerful music blogger and overall music and cultural commentator on the planet, Bob Lefsetz.... [CONTINUE READING]

The Best Songwriting & Music Production Software – Reviewed

Best Songwriting Software

We are living in a Golden Age of technological tools to unleash creativity. A $200 laptop with free software is more powerful, and often better sounding, say than a $10,000 studio 20 years ago. An off-brand smartphone is 1000x times more powerful than the studios The Beatles were using to record their classic albums. The downside of this, of course, is wading through all of that technology to find the worthwhile best songwriting tools. There’s just so much available to writers and producers!... [CONTINUE READING]

The Top 7 Digital Distribution Services to Release Your Music Today

5 Secret Pillars

There’s absolutely no doubt digital music distribution services have been a blessing for independent artists. Remember (if you can?) back in the day when you actually needed a Record Label to manufacture your physical CD or Vinyl (or God forbid, a cassette) … and then actually ship them to brick and mortar stores? Yeah, and don’t forget - back then, you also needed a label to help provide a budget and funding, so you could actually record and produce your music in the first place... [CONTINUE READING]

The 5 Secret Pillars For Breakout Success

5 Secret Pillars

So, you’re ready to become an incredible music artist success, yah? Great. I applaud you in your journey! But one thing. Well, actually - 5 things (forthcoming). A lot of times, artists, songwriters, etc. ask me “What are you looking for?” or “What’s going to be the next big thing?” The answer for me - is the same every time. The next big thing (at least for me) will always be a hit song. What I’m looking for in an artist - will always be the “5 Pillars of Success” (which actually used to only be “3 Pillars” ... [CONTINUE READING]

Feedback: The Easy Thing To Say Vs The Hard Thing To Say


As a publisher, I really feel so fortunate and grateful to be working with some of the greatest writers on the planet, consistently delivering great pieces of work and amazing songs. While usually most of the songs that come in (within the realm of our roster of professional songwriters writing for other artists) are songs we’re immediately setting out to pitch and secure placements, it would of course, be impossible for every song to be a hit. And when this happens, especially with new writers, the ... [CONTINUE READING]

Songwriting Vocabulary Expander - How To Become One of the Best

This post is both one that’s near and dear to my heart and a topic I just never hear anyone talking about. It’s just so hugely important and yet equally baffling that I don’t see more people incorporating the following into their daily routine. And it’s simply this - increasing your songwriting vocabulary. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter what level of songwriter you are, a novice or the Grammy-winning songwriter of the year, it’s supremely vital to keep learning and keep expanding your musicality. [CONTINUE READING]

Turning On The Hit Radio of Your Mind - And Then...Turn It Up

Admittedly, one of my favorite guilty pleasure songs is from 80s hair metal band Autograph, “Turn Up The Radio.” It’s the ultimate metal anthem, chock full of chuggy guitars, phat synths, with an amazing guitar solo and an epic 80s video to go with it. I mean you got everything...especially in the video. A Metal Band on a Spaceship in the Future … Check. Papermate Product Placement (because obviously we are still using Papermate pens/pencils in the future) … Check. What else do you need.... [CONTINUE READING]

Fire Maker - Your Job As A Professional Songwriter

This blog post reminds me of some of my favorite memes, you know the ones that say “You Had. One. Job.” But when it comes to the role of a professional songwriter … it’s totally true. You only have ONE job. And I’m going to break it down simply. Your only job is … ONLY … TO MAKE … FIRE! YES. FIRE! That’s it! Not just any fire … but F I R E in a Brian Johnson, AC/DC kind of “FIGGGGHHHYAHHHHHHH!!!!” way. ... [CONTINUE READING]

What Max Martin Knows That You Don't and Why You Should Adopt the Max Martin Mindset

Well first, if the post title caught your attention … then Great. Because blog post titles are like song title concepts. They’re supposed to do their thing and make you want to click (or turn the music up) to hear more. So what does Max Martin know that you don’t? First of all, Swedish. Second of all, a whole hell lot of things. But most importantly and knowing Max personally and many of those in his circle, there’s one key thing that most songwriters lack, which is the willingness to work, and work... [CONTINUE READING]

Using “New Year's Day” Energy - Every Week & Every Day.

Yah, so, this is a video which I sent out to friends, clients and associates on January 1st, 2019...and I thought I would share it with you here...even it has the potential to be “old news” in 2 weeks. LOL But that’s exactly the point. Actually this post is relevant every day even though it’s a New Year's Day post! The idea here is we don’t have to wait for a “New Year” or a significant psychological “starting point” to make changes in our life. We don’t need to wait months, weeks etc. in advance for a “target” day or event to start changes.[CONTINUE READING]

Getting Your Foot In The Room With Inaccessible Artists

Writer #1: I want to write with Katy Perry. Writer #2: I want to write with Katy Perry too. Writer #135: Hey, can you get me a co-write with Katy Perry?! Now, you could interchange Katy Perry with any key top artist: Drake, Beyonce, Taylor, Kendrick, Halsey, The Chainsmokers, etc. The thing is, even if you’re a professional songwriter you’re probably writer number #87 on the list of potential writing candidates and often anyone outside of the artist’s Top 10 cowriting list … just isn’t going to get a look. [CONTINUE READING]

Sleep Hacks for Songwriters, Music Executives (and Everyone Else Too)

Hey there you night owl, yes, you. You’re probably reading this post sometime after midnight which isn’t much of a surprise since you’re the type of species that tends to be more of a night dweller -- and hey, most highly intelligent people are known for burning through the midnight oil, so I get it. ​​​​And you know … after so many years of doing the “grind,” you know, that part of your career where you’re making it all happen, going for it … maybe working a full time job during the day, writing your songs at night, pulling double or triple songwriting sessions, finishing that urgent deadline mix, yadda yadda we find ourselves in that zone more than what we want to. [CONTINUE READING]

How to Make Your Songs Pop aka Speaking a "Song Language" Different than Everyone Else

I noticed something today going through my Soundcloud feed. As many of you know I have an endeavor I’ve been working on for years called, where the sole mission has been to filter the internet for the best new music on a daily basis. As part of this process, I’ve maxed out my Soundcloud account and follow 2,000 profiles (artists, blogs, labels, influencers), follow another 4,000 on YouTube, not to mention those we follow on Spotify, the industry “word on the street,” etc. So I would say, the team and I on average listen to about 150 pre-filtered songs collectively a day … easily. [CONTINUE READING]

The Secret Equation of Hit Songwriting (Pt 1 Unique Concepts)

secret equation
It’s funny. So many times over the years I’ve heard people talking about the “secret songwriting formulae,” or how they can discover the “holy grail equation of hits,” etc. Most people, especially those who are purists would say, “Good Luck! Such a formula certainly does not exist...because, if it did then someone would be making hits all the time.” Oh wait...You mean “someone” like Max Martin, Mike Will, Ryan Tedder, MIchael Jackson, Ed Sheeran, Diane Warren, Babyface, Adele, Stevie Wonder, Elton John / Bernie Taupin, Lennon / get the idea. [CONTINUE READING]

Charts? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Charts (except the one at We Are: The Guard).

secret equation
I have a love and hate relationship with Charts (except the one at my crowd sourced record label, We Are: The Guard. Like the Billboard Hot 100 charts are actually a collective conglomerate of…everyone! From the most discerning music experts and listeners, to my two, 8 and 12 year-old nieces who live in Amish Country Pennsylvania…and everyone in between.To add to this, I have a problem with the Charts that are auto populated based on virality, meaning like how many Shazam’s, how many blogs posted it, how many RePosts, what’s been upvoted in that certain community... [CONTINUE READING]

Identifying and Eliminating Bottlenecks aka Unleashing Your Full Productive Potential as a Songwriter

So as some of my close friends know…I’m in a, hmm, what shall we call it…a Secret Society of sorts…that I probably talk about way too much. Anyway, we had our Wealth and Abundance intensive not too long ago and there was a guy who gave a brilliant 4 hour lecture, Victor Cheng. Absolutely brilliant. Victor is a coach for CEOs, business owners, and more. It was a fascinating talk. One thing that really stuck with me is his view on identifying bottlenecks. So, what’s a bottleneck and why should you care? [CONTINUE READING]

Why Your Live Show Sucks - Pt 1. You Got No “Show” in your “Live Show”

the results are in
**WARNING**: The 1st half of this post is a rant from a really REALLY jaded person in the music business. Do not try this at home. Please consult with your financial and/or health advisor before continuing. My friends who know me, often think twice before inviting me out to see a live show. Because they know that paradoxically, as much as I’m all about music, I usually hate going out to shows...98% of the time. To me, it’s one of the most boring things to do. And when you have Netflix, Facebook, the latest “Taken” movie, and a gazillion other choices of entertainment...why would you want to drive somewhere, find parking, wait around in a crowded...  [CONTINUE READING]

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