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Insider Secrets to Songwriting, Music Publishing,
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Insider Secrets to Songwriting, Music Publishing, Mindset and Artistic Marketing.

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Top 5 AI Lyric Writing Generators of 2023

Top 5 IA Lyric Writing Generators
As is the case with everything in 2023, AI is shaking up the world of lyric writing. In fact, we might be within the last generation of songwriters / artists who “don’t” use AI to assist in writing songs. We've pulled together 5 of the best lyrics AIs to let you try them out for yourself and see which works best for you and your creative process. ... CONTINUE READING

The 5 Best AI Music Generators of 2023

The 5 Best AI Music Generators of 2023
AI music generators create original songs and compositions from nothing, with a simple prompt or a click of a button. AI music generators can be intensely useful for songwriters, simply to give you some ideas or a template to work off of. They can also help you to overcome writer's block or when you're feeling devoid of inspiration. Sometimes, even a simple bassline or drum pattern is enough to get you going. ... CONTINUE READING

Do Drug Trends Predict Future Music Trends? A 100 Year Analysis.

Do drug trends predict future music trends? A 100 year analysis
From the champagne magnums of the Roaring '20s to the joints and tabs of the '60s, to the excess filled cocaine 80s and heroin 90s, these are some of the most popular drug trends which co-existed and/or spawned musical movements of the last 100 years. Which came first? The music or the drugs? Can we predict the future of music trends through a certain prevalence of drug use and/or choice? ... CONTINUE READING

Why Your “Pitch” Songs Aren’t Getting Recorded (aka “Fire Maker” Pt. 2)

Why your pitch songs aren't getting recorded
Over the last few years, and now much more-so on a weekly and daily basis, I continually hear from other publishers and other professional songwriters that “we need an artist in the room” and that the “pitch game” is dead. It’s over. Finito. “It’s over, Johnny … it’s over!” ... CONTINUE READING

Ending “Writing Session Culture” aka Consistent Co-Writes = More Hits!

Here Lies Writing Session Culture
The path to hit songwriting success and having multiple hits per year is basically writing with as many writers, writer combos and artist configurations as humanly possible, right? We need a jam-packed schedule and even some “back to backs” where we can make certain that every session results in a finished song in a day – of course! Hmm … well, let’s take a moment on that presumption ... CONTINUE READING

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