Using “New Year’s Day” Energy – Every Week & Every Day.

Yah, so, this is a video which I sent out to friends, clients and associates on January 1st, 2019…and I thought I would share it with you here…even it has the potential to be “old news” in 2 weeks. LOL But that’s exactly the point. Actually this post is relevant every day even though it’s a New Year’s Day post!

The idea here is we don’t have to wait for a “New Year” or a significant psychological “starting point” to make changes in our life. We don’t need to wait months, weeks etc. in advance for a “target” day or event to start changes.

You can start by seizing your goals and attacking them with “New Year’s” level energy today and every day. I hope you enjoy it…and check out the video too below. The following is also the transcript.

New Years Day Energy – Every Day (Video)

Happy New Year!

“Yes! This is going to be OUR YEAR!” “Yeah, I can feel it. Starting January 1st things are really going to start happening!”


Well, what you just heard is the typical New Years’ Day mantra. And ultimately, you can guess what happens. That following year is pretty much similar to the one that just finished.

But what if … we turned that New Year’s excitement and intention around to more of a year round thing. What about … “Wow, THIS is going to be OUR — Quarter!” “Yeah, let’s get these next 90 days and achieve Goals A, B, and C!”

But let’s go further. What about Like “All Right!!! It’s Monday (laugh)…I’m so over last week. THIS week is going to be a KILLER WEEK. We have 7 days to go BIG!”

You’re probably following my pattern here. What about waking up on a Wednesday with the intention of “THIS is ABSOLUTELY going to be MY DAY!” “My 24 hours to shine.”

It’s no doubt that person, approaching every day, week, and quarter with that fresh New Year’s Day energy, and accomplishing those goals along the way … it’s THAT person that’s going to have the most life-changing year.

shoulder flick

There’s no need to wait for January 1st. And remember, you CAN say “THIS is going to be my year!” But first, you have to start with “This is going to be my quarter. This is my week, this is my day.” So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get this!

And as a bonus, definitely check out my favorite Goal Setting Maniac, Zig Ziglar. This guy is the original Tony Robbins…and if you can get past the Southern Baptist delivery, I’m sure you’ll find some great wisdom in here.

Zig Ziglar – Goal Setting Pt 1

Zig Ziglar – Goal Setting Pt 2

Zig Ziglar – Goal Setting Pt 3

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