The Release Blueprint Online Music Marketing Course! – How To Get Your Music Heard? Read On…

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The Struggle

Are you a music artist struggling with how to promote your music? Like literally – how do you go about getting all these millions of streams, fans and followers?

Or let me guess? Maybe you have your music release ready – you’ve finally got all your music to the finish line and ready to release it to the world, but just really don’t know where to start?

Or maybe you’ve done this before but you’d love to have a real plan or someone to help guide you exactly through a 6 week DIY release process?

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Trust me – I know how overwhelming it can be!

iTunes, Spotify playlisting

I mean there’s a million places where you could begin. Simple questions are probably circling your brain like: how to get your music online? Which digital distributor to use? How to upload music? To most importantly … how to get Spotify and Apple playlisting, music synchronization placements and overall – just how to make a living doing music!?!

And if you’re already doing this to some degree, the questions might be a little different – like how can I 10X what I’m already doing, what are the insider secrets that the pros are using, how can I get an unfair advantage, what are the new tips and tricks?

If so, then holy cow – look at what I made for you : )

The “Digital Release Blueprint” Online Course – Music Marketing Strategies

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The Answers

So, if you’re looking for answers, I have very good news (and an 80% discount for the course!).

There’s a music marketing online course that actually exists showing you how to do all of this! So, if you’re wondering how to release your new single, EP or album from start to finish and want to identify, learn and execute all the steps and processes along the way (HINT: there’s a lot of them, if you want to do it right!), then read on!

Read on...

Or conversely let me guess, maybe you’re coming up on release day for you and suddenly there’s 50 things you forgot to do or maybe you don’t know what those 50 things are in the first place?! Or – raise your hand if this is you – maybe you don’t even have a plan? (Let’s be honest here).

HINT: “Let’s just put it out” – is not a plan!

After successfully releasing artists myself via my label and A&R recourse site, We Are: The Guard for so long, with over 100 + releases, I’ve literally developed a process that just works. And for the first time, I’m sharing my exact release plan with you. Yes, this is literally the exact plan that myself and the team use for each release (tailored for each artist) at my label, We Are: The Guard.

We Are: The Guard

Across all platforms, this plan has generated a minimum of over 200 millions streams. Wanna hear more? Great…!Yes! Enter the “Digital Release Blueprint” music marketing course!

I realized after doing a dozen or so seminars at music colleges (for example my old stomping grounds, Berklee College of Music), that there’s a lot of great new artists out there … but a real lack of information, knowledge, and even real plans on how to actually set up and market your music release!

In my earlier days looking for answers myself, I just found there weren’t any resources available that tie everything together. And that’s why I decided to create this course!

Example of course module, 5-6 weeks before release

Ok and now let’s be real, at this point you might be asking – “Hey, so that’s great but like, who are you – and why should I trust what you have to say in the first place?” Well good question. Let me give you some context, background and my own story.

Benjamin Groff image

My name is Benjamin Groff, and I’ve been in the music business for over 25 years. I’ve worked for the majors but in 2006, I also started the 1st U.S. office of Kobalt Music, where I helped build the company and build the roster. Over a span of 10 years at Kobalt, I signed artists like: Grimes, The Lumineers, Kelly Clarkson, SOPHIE, Overcoats, Tiesto, Cut Copy, Big Freedia, Ryan Tedder & OneRepublic, TOKIMONSTA, Moby, LMFAO, Active Child to name just a few. Most recently I’ve been running my own publishing company, Brill Building, where some of the above are currently signed.

artists signed by Benjamin Groff

Additionally, after only a short 5 years, I’ve put out 100 releases on my own label, We Are: The Guard, which collectively have garnered over 200 + Million streams across platforms! And that’s not even mentioning the tons of synchronization and juicy synch fees via placements with Uber, Netflix, American Express, Amazon, Samsung, just to name a quick few.

200+ million streams

But, if it’s helpful, let me tell you a little more of my story – and hear me and hear me well : ) I’m in the same boat as you!

Let Me Show You My Mistakes, So You Don’t Have To

That’s right! I’ve had to learn all my lessons the hard way over a constantly evolving music biz landscape. This means spending my own money, learning how to upload music, figuring out new strategies, what works and what doesn’t, finding the best experts – all on my own dime.

time and money

I’ve had some big wins but also learning through mistakes and – let’s be real – having some flops as well (someone said there are no failures – only if you don’t learn from them). So, let me save you a hundred hours of frustration and wasted time, effort, and money – and show you what I’ve learned.

The Digital Release Blueprint Course – Don’t Be Sad – We Got You!

I’ll show you what not to do! But more importantly EXACTLY what to do and when and how to do it via a step by step process.

So if you are wondering: how to get your music heard and submit your music to playlisters, get editorial support, find music supervisors for synch placements and more … this is the course to make it all happen.

To Do: Make my EP, Release EP, Have a Plan

The important takeaway is, while nothing is guaranteed, I’ve formulated and created a music marketing plan that – for our own label releases, JUST WORKS!

What I’m offering is my entire release plan along with detailed step by step instruction – for you!

That’s right. Doing this release process over 100 times and learning valuable lessons on each release, I’ve created a systematic plan on EXACTLY what you need to do 6 weeks before the release, 5 weeks, 4 weeks, etc … all the way up to days before release, day of release, and post release activities. It’s what I call the “Release Blueprint.”

To be honest, the amount of course material and knowledge that I’ve jam packed into this online course is – in my opinion, uhh – kinda staggering! There are over 70 video modules and over 10 hours of video and instructional content here for you. Included in the course are also downloadable templates, worksheets, PDFs, including PR directories, YouTube submission channel directories, and more!

module example 2 weeks from release

Not only am I going to give you all the steps (and there are at least 70 of them to ensure the best roll out of your release possible), but I’m also going to tell you EXACTLY what to do and how to do it, within each video module of the course.

Here’s how it works. You’ll start 6 weeks out from your release and each week complete each module and complete the tasks presented in the course, and I’ll show you exactly what to do.

The number 1 rule is you need a plan! And also a plan that’s mapped out and written down, shareable and communicable with your team (or artist members) – so you know exactly who’s doing what.

70 video modules, learn more

Have a Plan

Because when it’s time to upload music – especially music that you’ve put so much time and effort, hard work, sacrifice and love into – you shouldn’t “just release it” and “see what happens.” To be honest, I hear that type of dialogue all the time with DIY and independent artists. And I know sometimes how it is – you get to a point where you just want to put out that music, and move on to making your next songs.


Please! No! You’ve worked so hard on this. You owe it to yourself, your music, and all that you’ve been through – to make sure you give your amazing music the chance to be heard and flourish in the first place! No doubt with yourself as a DIY artist, when it comes to setting up a release – there’s just so much to do – especially in the weeks and days leading up to the day of release – and that’s why I created an easy to follow, step by step actionable plan with full details of exactly what to do – when!

Yoda - Try step by step you must

And yes, this literally is the exact music marketing plan that I, as a label owner, use to set up our own releases, which have led to our successes like DENM (40MM + Spotify streams), Lola Blanc “Angry Too” (8 + MM Spotify Streams), MXMS (5 Million Spotify Streams), BAUM “Fuckboy” (1.5 + Million Spotify Streams), Butter “Lifted” (approaching 6 MM Spotify streams), , just to name a few.

We Are: The Guard releases - DENM, Lola Blanc, BAUM, MXMS

So, repeat after me!

The casual plan you might have of “let’s just put it out” is NOT a plan!

And lucky you – as I’m rolling out my digital courses for the first time ever – I have a special discount for you! I’m eventually going to sell the course for $997 + (and maybe $1997) but for a limited time I’m offering all 70 + video modules and over 10 hours of content (I can’t believe I’m doing this) for just $197! (I know there are tough times, so there’s an installment plan option as well).

course value special offer

As a bonus you can also upgrade your purchase to a VIP edition and get an hour of my own personal consulting time for your project. It’s all right here at this link:

(And BTW this might also be a good time to mention that I have another amazing course called “Insider Secrets to Hit Songwriting” which you can discover and learn all about here:

Insider secrets to hit songwriting course

You’ve made the investment in your music, your gear, your songs and everything it’s taken to get you to this point. And I wouldn’t say the following if i didn’t really, truly believe the following. I’m literally putting my 25 year executive reputation on the line, and I really believe that not only is this course not taught anywhere else, but I believe you’ll be making a huge investment in yourself, making sure your music and releases get the best shot.

And that means finding the right audience, learning how to get your music heard, setting up the right promotions, spending your marketing budget most effectively, hiring a publicist (or not!), getting your 1st 1,000,000 streams – and then 10 Million streams and beyond.


Operate like an Operator

The beautiful thing – is also, once you’ve gone through the course, learned how to submit your music to the playlisters, etc. and modified the release plan to suit your own needs – you’ll have a repeatable method and plan that you can use again and again and again!

The next time you’re ready to upload music it will just be exponentially easier over time, especially as you’ll be building your audience and bringing them amazing content that gets shared, followed and playlisted!

Now, of course you can check out a sampling of the instruction you’ll be getting in the course above…but I did want to mention some of my favorite modules range from an overview of how to get playlisting, what to know when hiring a publicist (or even if you need to!), what is, music distribution companies and reviews, the best free music promotion, thinking outside the box, how to submit music to A&R, email pitch templates, getting juicy synch licenses, organizing your team … to even a step by step instruction with experts and hours of video instruction in setting up Facebook and Instagram campaigns, how to set up promoted YouTube videos and – jeez literally there’s so much – 70 + video modules and over 10 hours of content.

Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, A&R

Lastly, as a huge bonus, it’s worth noting that included in the 1st part of this course is a lot of my secret sauce that I never really hear people talking about – on how you can stand out among 30,000 releases per day in the first place!

For example, making sure that your artist direction, purpose, identity is one that is signature to you.This is a huge concept and mindset that (in my opinion) most artists miss in their career. As an example, if you look back at the artists I’ve previously signed – you’ll note that they’re all signature! There’s a reason I sign some artists and completely pass on others!

Part of this course is making sure that your uniqueness and authenticity resonates and speaks to your fans in the first place and I’ve included this in the course as a key bonus and primer.

Again, I’m so very excited for you to be on this journey – to be an artist in this day and age, where you can own your masters, self release, and literally have your music accessible to 7.8 Billion people on the planet! But you’d be surprised and shocked at how many music releases have less than 1,000 streams. In fact it’s about 90%+ of all music released just falls on deaf ears. You can’t and shouldn’t be one of those artists!

module example 3 weeks from release

And if you’re an artist already having streaming successes – the “Release Blueprint” course, along with the ideas and epiphanies you’ll learn in the classroom, I truly believe hold the potential to 10x what you’re already doing. And you might think wow – 10X what I’m doing now. I can’t do that? Yes you can, because you’ve 10X’d your streaming numbers before … so let’s get after it!

The “Release Blueprint” course will show you how to do all of this and wayyyyy more. And as mentioned, I’m practically giving away this course at a $197 price point I might be ultimately selling this as a $2,997 course, but as I’m just launching my first school at Teachable, I wanted to get this out to the world and share my insights and start the momentum.

Here’s the link again for that special offer:

Thanks again for reading and I sincerely wish you all the best, biggest wins and successes with your music.

One last parting thought.

Whether you think you can have success or you can’t – you’re right either way! But do yourself a favor. Give yourself the unfair advantage. Put the wind to your back – and let me show you how to do it. Let’s make this easier for you.

Upload Music.

Have a real music marketing plan that works.

Get millions of streams and tons of synchronization placements.

Rinse and repeat.

Make no doubt, this is “the” course on how to market your music independently.

See you at the course!

About the Author

The Author of “How Do I Get A Record Deal? Sign Yourself!”

My career in music publishing extends over 25 years, including BMG Music (bought by Universal) and EMI Music Publishing (bought by Sony), as well as the 1st U.S. employee of Kobalt Music Publishing, where he helped build the roster over 10 years as Executive VP of Creative.

Benjamin is currently heading up his own publishing company, Brill Building, as well as label and music filter, We Are: The Guard. Benjamin’s signings range from Ryan Tedder, Kelly Clarkson, The Lumineers, Grimes, Savan Kotecha, OneRepublic, SOPHIE, Ariel Rechtshaid, Greg Kurstin, Tiesto, Kid Cudi, TOKiMONSTA, TR/ST, Cut Copy, Big Freedia, Lindy Robbins, Peaches and yes, even Steel Panther. His specialty in the music business is early artist, writer and writer/producer development.

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