We Don’t Need “Better Rooms,” We Need a Better You!

We don't need better rooms - we need a better you

I’m taking a risk writing this article. Why? Mostly because the title and concept of this article may rub some people the wrong way. And that’s okay. Because I’m sharing my authentic truth, and also want to help. And like Bob Lefsetz once said, “If everyone generally ‘likes‘ what you do, then you’re doing it […]

The 8 Best AI Music Tools of 2024

The 8 Best AI Music Tools of 2024

Written by J.Simpson and Benjamin Groff With all of the buzz, energy, and excitement surrounding the AI sector in 2023, it’s little surprise that 2024’s AI music tools have already evolved so far beyond last year’s crop. In fact, some of the AI lyric generators feel like glorified virtual assistants when compared to this year’s […]

3 Steps: How to 10X Your Songwriting Salary, Dreams and Goals

How to 10x Your Songwriter Salary, Dreams, and Goals

Prayitno, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons (Cropped) In this article, we’re going to dream up and think big. Actually, scratch that! We’re going to think and dream HUGE. The following is an incredible exercise that should blow your mind in a great way and it’s all about increasing your mindset ceiling. What’s a mindset […]

Writing Your Masterpiece: The Guide to Crafting Songs That Defy Mediocrity

Writing Your Masterpiece

Can you imagine being in the studio or in the stadium – hearing Freddie Mercury sing just one of his masterpieces i.e. “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Another One Bites The Dust,” “One Vision,” “Under Pressure,” “Who Wants to Live Forever,” etc.? This would be unbelievable right? I don’t think anyone can doubt that these songs are MASTERPIECES! […]

Create Your New Songwriter Story: The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Here’s an epiphany of the day or perhaps for the year. The outcome of our lives are intricately intertwined with the “stories” we tell ourselves. Sometimes the stories we tell ourselves are good ones. But often, our stories are false, even slightly incorrect or don’t serve us at all. Enter one of my coaches, Nick Cownie. Nick’s a recognized global expert on NLP, neuro linguistic programming and a performance coach expert.

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