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Music Publishing, Mindset and
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Insider Secrets to Songwriting, Music Publishing,
Mindset and Artistic Marketing.
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Insider Secrets to Songwriting, Music Publishing, Mindset and Artistic Marketing.

Sign Yourself!

How Do I Get A Record Deal?

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Are you a struggling music artist, working a soul crushing 9 to 5, not living your life and trying to "get" a record deal? Or maybe you’ve put out some music, already getting some streams and just hoping someone will knock on your door with a publishing or label offer.  If so, you just might be doing it the wrong way. Yes, "hoping" to get the magical "unicorn" record deal is just so 1996.

So, listen up! The game has changed and changed in your favor! Please forget about all the exhausting, anxiety ridden, soul crushing time and effort of pitching your music to the record labels (who don't care about you until you show up on their data reports).

Instead...SIGN YOURSELF! Invest your time, effort and excitement gaining your 1st True 1,000 fans, your 1st 1 Millions Streams, and the right metrics that will literally bring the labels to a pitch fever to sign - YOU!

"How Do I Get A Record Deal? Sign Yourself!" is your new "go to" guide, including all the invaluable steps and most importantly, the new mindset you must have to succeed as an artist in today's marketplace.

Key and essential topics include:

  • A detailed "12 step by step program and roadmap," for your music to spread like wildfire and ultimately bring the labels to their knees ... to sign you!
  • Finding your sonic identity - who you are as an artist?
  • Making a full time living from 1,000 core fans
  • Doing dangerous, exciting and creative work
  • Finding the right partners (digital distributors, publicists, digital marketers, music supervisors, music publishers)
  • Changing your mindset so success flows easily and naturally to you
  • How to garner your 1st 1 Million streams!
  • How to start your own label and sign yourself!

The book also will explore whether you even need a major label today.

The book is an entertaining "how to" guide interspersed with the author's own personal stories, yes, even including Prince! After reading this book you just might decide the right answer could be: Sign yourself, quit your day job, and make your entire living making music! This book will show you exactly how!

Who wrote the book?

Sign Yourself! - Benjamin Groff

Benjamin Groff's career in music publishing extends over 25 years, including BMG Music (bought by Universal) and EMI Music Publishing (bought by Sony), as well as the 1st U.S. employee of Kobalt Music Publishing, where he helped build the roster over 10 years as Executive VP of Creative. Benjamin is currently heading up his own publishing company, Brill Building, as well as label and music filter, We Are: The Guard. Benjamin’s signings range from Ryan Tedder, Kelly Clarkson, The Lumineers, Grimes, Savan Kotecha, OneRepublic, SOPHIE, Ariel Rechtshaid, Greg Kurstin, Tiesto, Kid Cudi, TOKiMONSTA, TR/ST, Cut Copy, Big Freedia, Lindy Robbins, Peaches and yes, even Steel Panther. His specialty in the music business is early artist, writer and writer/producer development.

"How Do I Get A Record Deal? Sign Yourself!" is Benjamin's first book and as an author, is the main contributor at his Songwriting based music blog at He also has a number of Teachable songwriting and marketing courses available at providing uncommon wisdom, knowledge and teachings which he’s accumulated over the last 25 years.

Benjamin was also a dual major in Songwriting and Performance at Berklee College of Music and regularly visits the school for featured speaking, lecturing and working with the students.

For more on the insider secrets of hit songwriting, artistic marketing and creative mindset - visit the home page here!

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