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Online Course: Insider Secrets to Hit Songwriting
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Insider Secrets to Songwriting,
Music Publishing, Mindset and
Artistic Marketing.
Insider Secrets to Songwriting, Music Publishing,
Mindset and Artistic Marketing.

Insider Secrets to Songwriting, Music Publishing, Mindset and Artistic Marketing

I have one simple question... As songwriters and artists, how much should we be thinking about making our songs “TikTok ready?” I mean - maybe you just wrote a great club / dance or a big indie rock record … that’s great. Question? (as said ala Beyonce). How is a “club record” going to break, if there is (in a COVID world) no club? If you’re in a band - how are you going to gain popularity, if there aren’t ... CONTINUE READING

An exciting idea I’ve experimented with lately, has yielded immediate, great results and momentum. Wanna know what it is? Fact: I’ve been dialoguing a lot more with writers on my roster, regarding the topic of sharing early “songs in development.” The idea is to be an early soundboard for songs in progress, and lend some thoughts and feedback. These “listening hangs” ... CONTINUE READING

So, really - how much do songwriters make? Hmm, isn’t that the question everyone really wants to know. Especially in the world of online streaming, we all want to know what a hit or juicy album cut might be worth. And really - can you make a solid living full time writing songs, etc.? For instance, maybe you already are a “professional” songwriter, or just getting your first cut (meaning a placement with an artist), or you’re thinking   ... CONTINUE READING

Are you a music artist struggling with how to promote your music? How do you go about getting all these millions of streams, fans and followers? Maybe you have your music release ready but just really don't know where to start? Or maybe you’ve done this before but you’d love to have a real plan or someone to help guide you exactly through a 6 week DIY release process? ... CONTINUE READING

Trust me. I know how it is. Being a past aspiring songwriter and musician - I know how hard the music journey can be. And I’ve often wondered … when it comes to making the best most epic songs of all time, are there secrets or song hacks, that only the pros know ? The Journey I mean really - I’ve always wanted to know. Is there an "Illuminati DNA" to what makes great songs tick … and if so, how c... CONTINUE READING

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Fortunately, my favorite writers and artists are those I've been able to sign and work with over the years.
Ryan Tedder
The Lumineers
Ariel Pink
Kelly Clarkson
Greg Kurstin

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